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Many scholars believe that significant continuities exist between ancient and contemporary Maya culture.  Therefore the Maya Portrait Project includes images of the architectural settings in which portraits were installed, images of the pre-Columbian sites as a whole, and broad-ranging images of Mesoamerican culture.  By doing so, the project encourages the study of portraits within the contexts in which they were produced.  Because Maya portraits were fashioned within a region that continues to have a thriving culture, we have also included select photographs and videos of architecture, art, and activities from the colonial era through today. Below are slideshows and video of this broader framework.

This is an interactive mosaic of the Convento de San Antonio de Padua, Izamal, founded in about 1561. It contains examples of Maya carving embedded in the walls: This is a slide show of the Convento de San Antonio de Padua, Izamal: